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Estilo Prime Plus+Omknee 2
Back Massager & Foot Massager

Super value combo for portable massagers with the mobile massage chair and detachable foot & knee massager.

AU$1,598 AU$1,498

Estilo Prime Plus - Mobile Massage Chair

Enhanced roller positioning. Improved acupoint targeting. 3-Point simultaneous massage touchpoints. Increased adaptability. The Estilo Prime Plus is the latest upgrade to the range of full back massagers. Indulge in a greater experience at home or in the office, instantly.

Deep Tissue Experience

Deep kneading thermal rollers rotates and protrudes, delivering a 3D deep tissue experience, effectively soothing the neck and shoulder area, down to your lumbar and lower back.

Ergonomic Roller Design

Ergonomic rollers simulate the human hand massage motions for a realistic kneading experience.

Combined Massage Therapy

Innovative combination of kneading and tapping massage helps relieve tight muscles and eliminate fatigue. Select from 3 modes and 3 intensity settings.

Enhanced Roller Positioning

Adjustable roller height enables precise sore spot targeting, suitable for people of different height.

Improved Acupoint Targeting

Acupoint Targeting Technology ensures maximum massage effectiveness, stimulating the flow of Chi(qi) energy, for a holistic experience.

3-Point Simultaneous Massage

Synchronized ergonomic massage rollers target both neck and back at the same time. Vibration mode from the massage seat delivers therapeutic sensations from lower thighs up to the neck.

The Estilo Prime Plus features an expandable back strap, designed to secure the mobile massage seat to various chair types you may have at home for quick rejuvenation anytime, anywhere.

Office Chair | Arm Chair | Sofa/Lounger | Recliner | Ottoman Chair

Omknee 2- World’s First Detachable Foot Massager

Creatively designed to expand beyond the traditional expectations of massage and rejuvenation, with its innovative design and detachable feature, the Omknee 2 opens up unprecedented possibilities, being the First of Its Kind to be able to operate both separately and independently. Happiness can now be shared.

Unique Design

True versatility at its finest. The Omknee 2 defies limitations to deliver relaxation and rejuvenation that can be shared with your loved ones.

Foot Massage Unit

Feet and Sole Reflexology. Massage rollers deliver deep and precise kneading in the arch of the feet for instant relief and improved blood circulation.

Versatile Massage Unit

Multipurpose Rejuvenation. The rechargeable function of the detached versatile massage unit enables you to enjoy a relaxing massage session pretty much everywhere. Rechargeability allows independent usage on upper thighs and even arms. Powerful integrated airbags use compressions to soothe away pain and muscle soreness. You can use it in the office, at your reading corner, on the bed relaxing, anywhere.



Legs Toning
Breaks down cellulite, tones muscles, reduces the risk of water retention and Varicose Vein.

Arms Toning
Soothes fatigued muscles for quick recovery.

Knee Care
Soothes joint pain and reduces the risk of osteoarthritis.

Shin Care
Heals strained muscles around the shin area.

Feet Care
Deep precision kneading provides instant relief of tightness in the arches of the feet.

Product Parameters

Estilo Prime Plus Available Color
Omknee 2 Available Color
Black; Ashwood

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