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OGAWA Smart Reluxe
Intelligent massage chair

Fully adaptive, lightweight and with smart analysis.

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Close your eyes, relax and enjoy the sensations of nature

With Smart Reluxe the massage experience is so authentic you could be relaxing in nature.  Close your eyes, let your mind go and imagine yourself unwinding in a forest.


Fully adaptive, lightweight and with smart analysis, Smart Reluxe is perfect for the entire family to enjoy.

Zero-gravity floating experience

The zero-gravity elevation angle of the space capsule centres the body's weight at the hips, reduces pressure on the spine and joints, and makes your massage more relaxing.


Normal state

Reclined state

Smart analysis the massage to your unique body shape

Using advanced technology to detect your height and body shape, your massage will be bespoke and perfect for you.


Recognisable height: 150-190cm

Adjustable leg size

Shoulder detection

11 Massage Techniques

11 expert massage combinations to choose from.  


Kneading 1&2

Tapping 1&2

Knocking 1&2

Swedish 1&2

Shiatsu 1&2


Six lifestyle massage programmes

Beauty: Focused on soothing away fatigue and soreness in the back, waist, and leg areas.

Relaxation: Combines six massage techniques (kneading, Swedish, tapping, shiatsu, clapping, and rolling), targeting the entire body for a comprehensive therapy session.

Neck & Shoulder: Perfect for de-stressing after work with a focus on the neck, shoulders and upper-back area.

Deep Tissue: Uses tapping and kneading to loosen tight muscles and improve flexibility.

Sweet Dream: A gentle, light massage that promotes good sleep.

Senior: Air pressure delivers a gentle, heated massage which combines kneading and Swedish techniques. Perfect for older users.

Full body airbag massage

Embracing your entire body, the airbag improves circulation and sends you into a deep state of relaxation.

  • 4 shoulder airbags to apply pressure and relieve stiff shoulders
  • 14 arm airbags, including pressure to ease overworked fingers (computer strain)
  • 12 calf airbags
  • 8 airbags for the feet, focusing on the body’s hardest working area

Leg and foot care combination

Kneading and reflexology techniques relax your calves and feet. Truly therapeutic.


  • Plantar 3D roller, 1.5m bump rubbing and scraping
  • Calf bump acupressure to relieve calf fatigue
  • Leg and foot airbag wrap, improving circulation and relaxes the feet

Lightweight size, saving space

Thanks to its compact design, Smart Reluxe requires minimal space to fully recline.

Product Parameters

Rated power
Chair Upright
148×75×108cm (length×width×height)
Chair Reclined
174×75×80.5cm (length×width×height)
Net weight: 90kg
Rated time
15 minutes
Rated voltage
AC 220~240V
Maximum body weight
For a user more massive than 100 kilograms, the product may
have more prominent noise and its fabric housing may be worn quicker

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