Master Drive Plus Limited Edition
Japanese Technology Massage Chair

Gen 5 4D Thermo Rollers

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Master Drive Plus Limited Edition

The path to real mastery is a path of progression that ensures that perfection is always perfected. The all-new OGAWA Master Drive Plus is a testimony to massage expertise and the legacy of Japanese technology, combining the best of holistic therapy with Eastern medical knowledge and innovative technology for the ultimate head-to-toe relaxation.

Engineered with the combined wisdom of Eastern medicine and Japanese technology. Master Drive Plus Limited Edition is a revolutionary model to bring a sophisticated experience.

Eastern Medicine Wisdom

Tui Na + Acupuncture

An integration of this Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) manipulative therapy with acupuncture focusing on treating chronic muscle pain and restoring health and vitality.


Chinese Chiropractic and Spinal Therapy 

OGAWA Master Drive Plus combines the Chiropractic and Spinal Therapy protocols into the massage mechanism to encourage better flexibility as well as other general health improvements.

Japanese Technology

The 5th generation microprocessor quickly responds and accurately adjusts massage programmes at your command, redefining massage accuracy to the next level with even higher precision and optimised system performance.

With control accuracy and increased computing capability, the microprocessor is able to delegate and coordinate each command with smooth and sophisticated control to achieve the multidimensional massage experience. At the same time, the 4D mode is achieved through the central command and a core drive.

8 Sets of Precision Sensors

Integration of 8 sets of sensors: temperature, position, strength, coverage, motor speed, acceleration and responsive feedback. Now with 4D mode enhancement to make it even more humanised while optimising the sensor and movement control accuracy to target the pressure points with precision.
Automatic Acupoint Detection TechnologyTM 
With closed-loop speed detection and high-precision calibration to locate acupressure points in the upper and lower body.
Extra-Long L-Track  
The L-shaped track coverage spans wider from the neck to the hips.

Gen 5 4D Thermo Rollers

Upgraded thermal control for a more comfortable and realistic spa experience. 

Roller ejection up to 100mm for deeper acupressure massage with 38% more intensity.

185mm ultra-wide massage with 37% wider massage range for a more realistic human-hand feel.

3D Knee M+ Thermotherapy

One of the most important joints of the body, our knees are vulnerable to stress and injuries. Slip into total relaxation with the upgraded 3D Knee Thermotherapy massage programme and treat your knees with the much-needed love and care.

The new and improved massage programme with thermal airbags targeting the Xue Hai and Liang Qiu acupressure points in the knees to regulate blood circulation and liver function, as well as to relieve gastric and bloating discomfort.

Rapid Air Pressure System (NEW)

Completes full pressurisation in 0.3 seconds to achieve the effect of pulsating massage and to simulate the pressing sensation of the human hands.


Calf Pressure Massage

Extendable up to 10cm upwards and 18cm downwards along the calves and ankles with thermal airbags for leaner legs and better blood circulation.

Upgraded Shiatsu Foot Massage

The heated foot rollers are now upgraded with positioning detector and Shiatsu programme to target on the Yong Quan and Zu Xin acupressure points.

Ankle Pressure Massage (NEW)
Relieves fatigue and discomfort in the ankles with wrapping massage from pressurised airbags.

Access Your Senses

Upgraded operating system with a new UI design
• Powered by OGAWA 2.0 to connect to the tablet
• More personalisation options with customisable homepage and icons
• Added user profile management for family use
• Multiple language options, including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese

All-new finger-press controller M Drive 4D Navi Knob
• One touch to start and control
• Adjust the 8-way seat angles and 4D massage intensity easily and quickly

A mobile phone caddy for convenient storage

Upgraded seating construction with anti-collapse
• The hood and the seat cushion are now a single piece • Modified hood and backrest strap

Improved hood and seat cushion fullness
• The hood and the seat cushion are now a one-piece construction to resolve the cushion collapse issue
• Changeable hood and adjustable backrest straps to help reduce cloak collapse

Product Parameters

Rated time
15 minutes
Rated voltage
AC 220~240V
Rated power
Gross weight:146kg; Net weight:125kg
Chair Reclined
Chair Upright
158×84×121cm (length×width×height)
60 Airbags
Available Colours
Black, Grey
24 Months
For a user more massive than 100 kilograms, the product may
have more prominent noise and its fabric housing may be worn quicker

Customer Reviews

5 / 5

Micheal R

2 years ago

Nice chair

This massage chair can really relieve fatigue. After using the massage chair, my sleep and my body has improved a lot. There are many different type of massage, it is very comfortable. No quality problems, suitable for family.

Joann A

2 years ago

good product! High recommended !

I like this massage chair very much. It's very suitable for family to enjoy. It's really comfortable to have a massage in my free time. The appearance is very atmospheric and fashionable, the massage chair is very exquisite

Haoru Z

2 years ago

The best massage chair!!!

The design is very good, chair has no noise when it is used. It has many functions and the strength is nice. The LCD display is clear, old people can use it easily.

Kym S

2 years ago


good product, ez to use.

Vannak P

2 years ago

recommend it!

The whole body massage is super comfortable and absolutely necessary for officer workers. Life is so stressful, it is a good way to relax. The appearance is very fashion. My friends always try it in party time. The quality is excellent.

PD Nepia

1 year ago


Awesome customer service. Well informed. I feel that all my pain is relieved from 20 minutes with foot massager & chair massager. I will definitely recommend these products to anyone who suffers daily muscle pain.

Faghfour E

1 year ago

recommend it!

I'd like to buy this massage chair for a long time. It is really nice, I don’t need to do the massage therapist at mall anymore, can enjoy massage service at home haha. The LCD screen is easy to use. Love it!

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