The benefits of having workplace massage chair

Having massage chair on workplace

Increasingly there are companies purchase massage chair for their employees to relax and meet the mental and physical health and wellbeing. Not only are massage chairs a fantastic company perk, they are an investment to help reduce the costs associated with workplace stress.

Long hours of facing computer, or physical working may lead to any number of ailments from headaches, bodily pains, and job-impacting anxiety. In extreme cases, the consequences can be even worse: High blood pressure, alcoholism, and even some instances of mental illness can come as a result.

Especially in the recently 1 year, due to covid 19, there are more unstable factors may affect the business and employees. Also massage chair can improve the immunity, reduce mental pressure, ease the muscle pain.

Benefits of Workplace Massage Chairs

Benefits of Workplace Massage Chairs for Employees
Providing employees with a way to safely and easily escape workplace stress can do wonders for the overall health and well-being of employees. Just a quick 15-minute session – whether a quick back massage or a full-body massage can result in many benefits that counteract the impact of workplace stress:

  • Help employees instantly lower stress and release anxiety
  • Enable workers to achieve deep mental relaxation in just a few minutes
  • Provide employees moments of calm and tranquility throughout the workday to increase performance and decision making
  • Help to improve worker concentration, and better react to occurrences of workday strain
  • Help increase brain activity and counteract the impact of sluggishness due to longer working hours
  • Increase the creative output of employees through quick sessions in a massage chair

HR Benefits of Workplace Massage Chairs
The benefits to those responsible for managing the health and well-being of employees are just as compelling as those for the employees themselves. Massage chairs located within the organization – whether in break rooms, lobbies, or in select conference rooms can help transform corporate culture, and make the jobs of HR managers easier. There are various studies that support this.

Making workers more engaged
Having a massage chair at workplace can be one of the benefit package for employees.

Increasing Worker Performance
The University of Miami School of Medicine discovered in a study findings that really hit home. It found that 15 minutes in a massage chair enhances measurable EEG brain activity in adults. In addition to changes in the brain scans, these adults performed more quickly and accurately in mathematical testing after receiving the massage, while groups without massage showed no improvements. This means regular massage can likely enhance employees’ mental capacity to grow their skills and learn new responsibilities.

Decrease Corporate Healthcare Costs
The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center analyzed blood samples of individuals before and after massage, and found a large increase in white blood cells, a major part of the immune system that fights disease. In addition, there were chemical indicators of improved mental health, including higher levels of dopamine and serotonin, the hormones that increase happiness, and lower levels of cortisol, the primary stress hormone.

The summary on Workplace Massage Chairs

The conclusion is that the benefits of workplace massage chairs are a compelling strategy in helping to improve the performance of workers and to decrease on-the-job stress and anxiety. There are signals as well that workplace massage chairs help employees perform at optimal levels of output. The case for workplace massage chairs as it positively impacts the jobs of HR managers can be measured as well.

Today’s massage chairs provide the life-like experience of human massage, and even incorporate creative brainwave programming that can have a positive impact on a variety of employee issues, as well as make for a more dynamic corporate culture. We have many cases of corporate customers who have successfully deployed workplace massage chairs, from large corporates, to leading hospitals, universities, and several professional sports teams, small offices.